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NOW offering Boat repair / Fiberglass repair

We now offer boat repair to service your own boats with 7Star Rental LLC. Also fiberglass repair to help get your boat back on the water. We beat all other boat repair shop prices and only provide the highest service available. Call us today for your next boat repair. We are always trying to be better then the next, and i guarantee our boat repair service is at the top of its game. Let use make a difference in your Fiberglass repair with nothing but the best quality of service.

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Kayak rentals

This is something new for 2014, and we are ready to bring you the good news with our new line up. I hope you like what we have to offer with our new Kayak rentals bringing you high quality fun in the sun all summer long. Click on the kayak picture above or the link here to get you on your way.

 Paddle Board rentals

Always improving and finding that next thrill for my customers is what we pride ourselves on. Paddle Board rentals are here and a perfect way to enjoy a nice day on the water. Take a break from it all and enjoy a slow smooth ride with a friend on a Paddle Board rental from 7Star Rental.

What we do

2014 Summer is here and all of our watercraft is ready to go to Lake Don Pedro. We have updated even more of our boat rentals & even bought 2 new 2013 jet ski rentals, killing the competition in Lake Tahoe, taking out the old and bring in the new at Lake Tulloch, and being the #1 boat and jet ski rental company for lake Camanche Reservoir have never been done like this in rental history. We only continue to grow and show the world what we can do. Located in Stockton CA,  we deliver to all of the cities along the delta like Elk Grove and Sacramento. The delta spreads over 1,100 miles and take you through Antioch and on to San Francisco. Don't get left high and dry when 7Star Rental is just a phone call away.

1 Step Ahead

 7Star Rental only carries the newest equipment out today. Picking up 2 brand new 2013 Sea-doo jet skis in 2014 and a fully loaded 2012 Enzo 230 Plus, everything we do displays excellence. Don't wait to long to book your rental, because our boat rentals and jet ski rentals move fast. You can checkout the other boat rental companies but they wont beat our quality or our prices. 7Star Rental is in it's 3rd year and only getting bigger and better...Jet ski rental companies located on the water have been over charging for too long. It's time for someone with the right stuff to step in and take over. Every boat rental from us comes fully loaded. Nothing is left out when you rent something from 7Star Rental LLC. Located in Stockton CA, off the 99 & 88 puts us right in the heart of California. This makes setting up a pickup here in Stockton, CA. easier then ever.

Family Owned

Our family owned-and-operated company lives the lifestyle we promote. All boats and watercraft are tested to ensure they meet our strict standards of quality. With more than 20 years of boating experience, you can trust us to provide the right equipment for you.

7Star Rental Stands Apart

Whatever you are looking for wakeboard boat rentals, fishing boat rentals or jet ski rentals, we only offer quality, newer equipment. Plus we are always adding new equipment, including competition fishing boats. Read one of our testimonials and see what people are saying about us.  We're proud of what we stand for but don't take our word for it, read what people are saying.  Stop by today to rent equipment from popular brands, such as Centurion®, Sea-Doo®, and Ranger®.

Tow It Yourself or Have It Delivered

The great thing about 7Star Rental is that it does not confine you to one body of water like our competition. We allow you to take our watercraft anywhere in California, including Lake Tahoe. Not only do we beat any and all rental prices on the water, we take it 10 steps further by offering fully loaded quality competition wakeboard boats. We have done the leg work for you, we have done our homework so you don't have to, now let us show you why. There are few places in the world as beautiful and awe-inspiring as Lake Tahoe. With its towering peaks and unbelievably clear water Lake Tahoe truly stands alone. One of the most popular summer activities in Lake Tahoe are boat rentals and jet ski rentals.  With a boat rental or a jet ski rental you can power around this enormous body of water, over 191 square miles of surface area, and let the views take your breath away. You can start your day off in historic Emerald Bay admiring the green translucent water or find a little cove to rest your eyes, whatever your pleasure 7Star Rental has you covered... <MORE> There is one more lake north of Sacramento that deserves honorable mention and that’s Lake Shasta. This lake offers everything from living on land to living on water. Ether way Lake Shasta will make your next trip one to remember. Lake Shasta is known throughout California because of its breathtaking scenery. Lake Shasta is also the largest reservoir in California, which makes for more area to get lost in. The clarity of the water in Lake Shasta is also a point of note, the water that stops here is straight... <MORE>

Rental Equipment

We offer some of the best equipment out today. Don't forget to try our Inland surf boards with your next boat rental. The jet skis we have are made to pull anything from a tube, wakeboard, and even some water skis.

Boater Safety Course Discounts

We give discounts for going that extra mile.. There is also classes you can take through 7Star Rental LLC


We offer daily discounts and beat all of our competition's prices. We say that we are the best because we know we are.  We have spent years researching every lake and delta location throughout California and can answer any questions you may have about all delta waterways, any body of water, and all the amenities that they provide.  This is not just a job for us, but a way of living.  We don't just rent the equipment to you, we use it.  Wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating are our ways of being set free.  We also will be providing lessons taught by us to all those who would like to learn.  Come join our family today, and lets make memories together.

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7Star Rental based in Stockton,CA has Boat Rentals, Jet Ski Rentals and Fishing Boat Rentals and accessories. We deliver or tow it to any lake or the Delta all over California, and Lake Tahoe. (800) 608-2550
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