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California Delta

California's Delta 

The California Delta system is a world of surprise and revelation, a place where a person can get lost or find themselves. The Delta boasts over 1000 miles of navigable waterways for all the adventure and excitement a person can handle. Included in this water-wonderland are dozens of restaurants and resorts, scattered in every little corner you can imagine. What better way to traverse the water then in a boat rental from 7Star Rental. A boat rental from 7Star Rental means luxury, leg room, and a stereo that knows how to set the mood. If a boat rental is too much for you then try one of our jet ski rentals. A jet ski rental from 7Star Rental means only the best for you, your friends, and your family. We only carry some of the newest models from Sea Doo, a company known for their innovations and reliability. 7Star Rental offers jet ski rentals 7 days a week to anywhere in California, including Lake Tahoe. The best part is you can tow it or we can deliver it. Now, if your pleasure is something with a little challenge then we offer the best fishing boat rentals in the industry. 7Star Rental, as always, only presents the best with a 19’ Ranger R83. Every body of water has its “honey pots” and the delta is no exception, with a fishing boat rental from us you can make sure to find the right one. 7Star Rental means a better boat for the best price, and fishing boat rentals are no exception. California is a beautiful place, why not explore it all.