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Northern California Lakes

People love our newer fully loaded wake board boats. We believe that offering quality brings out peoples love for what we do and the product we offer. Bring this love to Lake Shasta and let us show you the reason to rent. Boat rentals at Lake Shasta let you enjoy everything they have to offer. We give people who live in other states, who don't want to tow there boat across California to enjoy what they already have at home. We make it easy with a boat rental, or jet ski rental from 7Star Rental and give you everything you need. Lake Shasta CA is a great place to enjoy what this great state has to offer. Why bring your boat when 7Star Rental can deliver a boat rental to you. Let 7Star Rental be the one to help create this years memories at Lake Shasta and other great lakes here in California.

North Lakes

North of Stockton there are multiple lakes that are ready and available for a wonderful day on the water. Whether you’re looking to wakeboard on Lake Berryessa, fish on Lake Oroville, or jet ski at Lake Shasta then 7Star Rental has the boat rental for you. Lake Berryessa is probably the most popular lake north of Sacramento due to its convenient location in regards to the Bay Area. Famous for the largest spillway in the world Lake Berryessa has everything to offer, from wakeboarding to fishing, to one of its multiple coves to soak up the sun and catch some z’s. When you going to lake Berryessa don't just think boats. Take sometime to enjoy the landscape. Camping while renting a jet ski rental at lake Berryessa gives you the chance to take a minute and relax under a shade tree and take it all in. Our boat rental company is very close to lake Berryessa and gives you the convenience of tow and go. Lake Oroville is another lake close to central California with another famous engineering feat; its earthen dam is the largest in the United States. Lake Oroville just like Berryessa is great for fishing, wakeboarding, or whatever your heart desires. A jet ski rental or boat rental to Lake Oroville is easy. Come pick up our new Enzo 230 fully loaded and tow it yourself to Lake Oroville. You can even save time by having 7Star Rental tow it for you to Lake Oroville and drop it in the water for you. Even if your just looking for sometime alone or a loved one, a Sea-Doo GTS 130, GTI 155jet ski rental to lake Oroville can give you that time away from it all. Another major lake north of Sacramento is New Bullards Bar Reservoir. This reservoir is not as famous as the other two, with no engineering feats to speak of; however this lake may contain the glassiest water out of the three. New Bullards Bar Reservoir is also a hot spot for fishing and other recreation. There is one more lake north of Sacramento that deserves honorable mention and that’s Lake Shasta. This lake offers everything from living on land to living on water. Ether way Lake Shasta will make your next trip one to remember. Lake Shasta is known throughout California because of its breathtaking scenery. Lake Shasta is also the largest reservoir in California, which makes for more area to get lost in. The clarity of the water in Lake Shasta is also a point of note, the water that stops here is straight from the mountains and it’s easy to tell. Whatever lake you may choose 7Star Rental is there for you. We offer the best boat rentals in the industry and we’re not afraid to show you why. A boat rental from 7Star Rental means a day on the water that will transform into the memory of a lifetime. We leave nothing out with our boat and jet ski rentals. Take them for the day to Lake Berryessa, for a weekend to Lake Oroville, or even a 7 day summer getaway to Lake Shasta. Tow and go or have us deliver it for you. Start today and enjoy your summer the right way.